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Susan Miller Year Ahead – This is a full interpretation of the planetary alignments and how they are likely to affect your sign throughout the year ahead. Susan is an amazing astrologer – has great insights and writes in ways sure to inspire even during the times that are considered “challenging” she doesn’t sugar-coat or gloss over those rather she provides tips for how to weather the storms.

Celestial Guide – a day planner full with all planetary activity listed. Designed for professional astrologers but great as a learning tool. Use it as a daily journal or diary and you will begin to see trends related to the planets. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days and so you can track each month what your emotional state was during each of the signs. A great way to begin to get into the Rhythm of the planets and know your own intimate relationship to them.

Universal Teachings by Abraham – Hicks

The Law of attraction

Teachings of Abraham

Manifest your desire

Sara Book 1

Ask and it is Given

Getting into the Vortex

Seat of the Soul

Power vs Force