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Start your day with Intention

This 7 minute recording will turn your thoughts toward an empowered state of mind and being.  Use it as your morning alarm on your iphone – it’s a great way to start your day!


Manifestation Journal

Please enjoy your copy of I am now Manifesting (a journal to record your goals & manifestations).

Click the download button  – it will open the ebook with Adobe Reader, you may then save it to your computer. Or just right-click and “save” to your computer.




Soul to Soul Communication

A process to heal relationships when communication with the actual person just isn’t working.  This is a 2.5 minute recording to outline the process.  You can push the pause button from time to time during the playback to allow yourself time to really connect with the person and wait for an internal sense that the communication is complete.

Listen here or click Below to download to your computer for importing to itunes/mp3 players.

Download remote healing Session Here



Chakra Meditation

This 13 minute meditation will help you focus on your subtle energy field and chakras.  It is a great way to set intention before doing any other spiritual activity or going into deeper states of meditation.  I loaded it onto my iphone so I can connect with myself anywhere/anytime.  I especially enjoy it when hiking,  I find a nice sunny spot where I can just tune into the guided process and connect deeply to the earth.


Chakra Meditation






Listen here or click Below to download to your computer for importing to itunes/mp3 players.




Intention Ritual for a New Year

Do you make resolutions at the New Year, and then fall short of those and end up feeling guilty? I predict that this year will be different…if you follow the simple exercise below.


This ritual is a much more empowering way to begin the year and it’s surprisingly powerful.  Focus and attention on the things that motivate you will actually inspire the very actions that bring results.  You can also just tuck your notes away and it will still work. Don’t believe me?  Try it and let’s talk next New Years Eve :~)

Ok let’s get started with 12 ways to kick off a new year with positive intention.  To download the pdf file right click/cmd click this link and open in a new tab or save to your computer: