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known as a spiritual mecca and yet, when you get here things can be a little confusing. Do you stop in at the visitor center (timeshare sales office), the new age center (carnival atmosphere) or just hit the hiking trails (nice, but what am I supposed to feel?)?

Hi, I’m Jeannie

I live in the spiritual mecca known as Sedona, Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who were here for a brief spiritual retreat from their normal life to experience the magic and mystery of Sedona.

I’ve used the email address SedonaJeannie to remind people which “Jeannie” I was when I wrote to them, and eventually the nickname SedonaJeannie stuck.

Sedona Connections

This website is a way for me to stay connected to the many wonderful souls I’ve met along the path of self discovery. It’s a way to let them know what I’m up to, where I am and what I’m thinking about these days. (sorry Facebook, I’ve got way more than 465 characters to share).

I’ve always been a little “quirky” or “eccentric”, but for those who know me, well, I am a great sounding board and will always offer a unique perspective based on the spiritual or metaphysical viewpoint.

What I’m up to now is supporting others by creating Spiritual Retreats in Sedona.  I offer services such as: Meditation Guide, Soul Centered Astrologer, Karmic Re-patterning with SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), Soul Retrieval, private Yoga instruction, AromaTouch therapy, Emotional Clearing, Subconscious Restructuring and various other transformational experiences.  I have a large network of  Master Practitioners and Massage Therapists in Sedona most of whom I’ve known for more than 23 years and can wholly endorse the integrity of their healing gifts.

I never set out to be a healer or Shaman or facilitate spiritual retreats, the work just sort of found me. They say “if you want to be truly happy then you should make your profession the thing that you can’t – not do”. Well for me that would be teaching others to step out of their own shoes and see things from a higher perspective.  I’ve always made a point to empower people and help them connect to their inner fire or dream.  It’s a natural gift and was supported by my early conditioning that we can manifest any dream we choose.  I’ve become well known as a “Manifestor” and the number 1 adjective I hear from friends about myself is “you are amazing!”,  and frankly, sometimes I even amaze myself!

The Sedona, Arizona vortexes make it easy to do that!

You don’t have to come to Sedona to experience transformationI’ll bring some magic to you! As a master of vibrational awareness I do most of my work remotely, by telephone or skype.

If you do come to Sedona for the magic, the mystery, or even just to experience the amazing scenery and nature, I’ll be here to guide you to some amazing transformational experiences.

I have put together a collection of my favorite transformational tools and I would love to share them with you. To receive updates &  life transforming experiences throughout the year just enter your name and email address here and I will share some practices that are guaranteed to transform your life.

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