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Spiritual Travel ~ the experience that you take away from your journeys.

Sedona Red Rocks & Spiritual Travel
Sedona Travel Secrets – The Best Transformational Experiences to Enhance Your Visit!

Spiritual travel packages available for all budgets and schedules, for a full range of transformational processes that can be experienced by phone or here in Sedona.

From 1 hour pampering to multi-day retreats, let your experienced Sedona guide and spiritual travel counselor create an experience that will reconnect you to the very essence of your Soul.

Spiritual Travel & Retreats in Sedona

When traveling to Sedona you’ll want to set an intention that your trip will be spiritually enhancing.  Spiritual travel means that your awareness is on the subtleties that arise in every situation, the profound thoughts that emerge when you aren’t thinking about anything in particular.

Spiritual travel can mean anything from a visit to an Ashram in India or camping on the beach or even urban journeys, where you discover wonderful human traits are still alive and well, even on the subways and alleys.  Its not the state that you travel to; it’s all in your state of mind.

Check out some of the experiential sessions that are available as part of your spiritual travel to Sedona (or as part of a spiritual journey that happens right in your own home).

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