As a student of the Posinanda Yoga School in Baja California I learned much more than positions that look like pretzels.  I was introduced to the theory that the Sanscrit names of the postures carried a vibration and that saying them in their original pronunciation was just as important as performing the postures themselves.

Next I learned that within each posture we can find a center of pure beingness and centeredness wherein there is no struggle or effort and as we reach that state we have mastered the posture.  It’s the feeling that you could hold that posture all day, when you feel that, you know you have achieved the goal of your practice.

Each posture is designed to activate and stimulate every muscle, organ and gland in the body and in the practice of yoga we can improve the quality of our life both physically and mentally.  I chose to become an instructor in order to facilitate a friend who had a stroke and was left partially paralyzed.  I learned that even if a person cannot physically move into the prescribed positions, just visualizing their body doing the position would have as much benefit as actually performing the position.  That was a game changing moment for me.  I decided that my area of specialty would be working with people with limited capacity for movement and the elderly.  There is so much that can be achieved with the breath alone and when you add the vision of your minds eye, your reality truly can change.

Private instruction one-on-one or in small groups is one way for me to share this amazing form of physical expression.

If you are someone who would like to explore yoga, but not ready for the yoga studio and group classes, consider having your private session with me today.