Tired of Being Sedentary, Isolated and Asking What is My Life Purpose?

by SedonaJeannie on November 1, 2017

This last year has been filled with amazing opportunities, travel and time to contemplate things like: “what is my purpose in life?”.  This may sound silly, but in 10 years of creating Spiritual Retreats, that was the number 1 question that each person asked to find help with during their retreat. My belief is that our purpose is buried deep in our hearts and that on some level we all know what that purpose is.  Our heartfelt desires lead us to achieve our purpose and so there is no way we can miss out, or do it wrong.

All of my life I have been drawn to serving and supporting others whether through, psychology, diet and nutritional guidance, spiritual counsel and prayer or occult investigation and astrological analysis, heck I was even fired once by a supervisor who commented: “you have an irrepressible need to be helpful”.  Later I learned that what she really meant that I was butting into business that wasn’t mine to know.  I was a switchboard operator and all they wanted me to do was connect phone calls.  PERIOD.

Well, it only took a few years of college to get me on track to a profession where my opinions and counsel were VALUED and life has been hunky dory ever since.  However, after 10 years of counseling by phone and sitting at my computer, I found myself feeling exhausted at the end of the day with little energy to enjoy social activities. My life had become isolated and sedentary.
Fortunately, a friend shared something with me that has now changed my life in every way; mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.


She had me lie for 8 minutes on a body pad called “BEMER”.  I didn’t feel much at first, maybe a slight tingling or energy moving around my body (I actually peeked through my closed eyes to see if she was moving around the massage table – she wasn’t) and then I felt my heart swell in a circular and outward motion, like when you see your beloved, pet, child or grandmother.

Intuitively I knew that this was something that would be good to feel every day and that I wanted to know more about it.  So I got the brochure and read it, then I went online for more information and then I signed up to go to a 2-hour presentation.  By the end of that meeting, I decided that I wanted to be a part of this movement.  I felt such generosity and support from each person I met at that meeting that I knew that these people were the Eagles that I wanted to soar with.  And so I became a distributor trainee.

At that time I didn’t have the financial means to purchase a BEMER device for myself, but I knew that someday I would and I wanted to be on the inside track and keep getting information that would help me stay focused on the goal of owning a BEMER for myself.
Within a month I got a very specific message from my inner voice which said: “it’s time to leave your job”.  It was an emphatic voice, clear and determined and it didn’t sound like my own whiny “I wish I could leave my job”.  In fact, I had no intention of leaving my job in spite of the long hours of isolation and low energy at the end of the day.  I couldn’t conceive of not helping others and I certainly couldn’t conceive of giving up my paycheck which had finally grown to a decent living wage.
Still, the voice persisted and now it gave me a date: January FIRST!  What?!  No way!
Let’s just say that after many attempts at negotiation the inner voice won and so, reluctantly, I gave notice in early December that I would be resigning as of January 1st.
On January 2 I was called into service in a totally unexpected way: my previous career in real estate had been long abandoned but suddenly I had TWO new clients who were desperate to find a home to buy.  And so I jumped into 2017 with much activity and to my shock and delight, by February I had earned the money that I needed to purchase my BEMER!
Still, at that point, my interest in BEMER was purely for my own preventative health.  I used it as per manufacturers instructions and sure enough, my energy started to climb.  I used it during travel to Bali and after a 28-hour journey, I was amazed to arrive with no jet-lag.  And when I returned to the U.S., again, no jet lag.

I couldn’t help sharing the good news with friends and family and decided that I would give free sessions with my BEMER to anyone who came within 3 feet of me just so that they could experience that wonderful energized feeling.  And then to my surprise, one of my fellow tango dancers blurted out “YOU HAVE a BEMER?”  She went on to tell me that she had been wanting one for 10 years.
As a nurse and medical device representative she had tried dozens of energy devices and healing devices in her career and of all she felt that BEMER was superior. But… she still owned too many other devices to justify spending the money for a BEMER!
So she got busy and liquidated ALL of her other devices and bought a BEMER from my company issued website.  I was shocked but also happy to share our love of healthful lifestyle.

Flash forward

I just came back from a weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I spent my days learning even more about BEMER technology and application.

I was overwhelmed with the sincerity and enthusiasm of the people I met and am proud to know that they are now my colleagues in sharing this health and wellness tool.
It has become even more obvious to me that my own life purpose is about helping others to live the most empowered lives that they can. It all begins with health and vitality and that is exactly what BEMER provides. Improved circulation to the brain=better brain function, less inflammation in the joints and tissue(pain) and more energy.  What would you do if you had more energy?  How many people would you be able to help?
Please take a moment to see for yourself please visit this comprehensive website: http://scholar.google.com and type into the search box: pemf bemer.
Contact me for more information and how you can experience a BEMER session near you.

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