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I admit it, I have always been a huge romantic and believe in the power of love. Having been the child of a single parent it was a little strange to have that strong of a belief in committed relationship and I even wondered if it was just a fantasy to replace a true experience of what it really means to be in a marriage.  However, my mother was a student of Jungian psychology and passed down to me the principles that Carl G. Jung professed.  In fact I remember the first books that she ever gave me as a teen were “He” and “She” (written by Jung) which outlined the principle of the Anima and Animus in human psychology and our “shadow” sides.  I didn’t realize for many years how valuable that would prove to be for me in relationships.

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For many years I worked for a restaurant and was responsible for catered weddings.  I oversaw many wedding receptions and always thought that someday I would probably become a wedding officiant because I truly believe in love and want to support people in the journey of love and commitment.

In 2010 friends of mine decided to marry after 23 years of loving one another, living together and raising 2 children.  Once the difficulty of raising children was over their relationship was able to flower into a deeper, more romantic expression of love and to them it just seemed natural to declare their love and commitment.

I was so enthusiastic about the decision that I said that I would become an ordained minister to demonstrate my joy and support for their marriage.  To my surprise a month later they asked me if I were serious about because they had no formal religious affiliation nor minister that they felt particularly drawn to and that they felt that I was the perfect person to marry them.

All I could say was “What an HONOR!”, so I became an Ordained Minister and on October 10th, 2010 I performed my first wedding ceremony.  Here is what they had to say afterwards:

“Thank You so much for the beautiful ceremony and being by our side on our wedding day.  Everything was so wonderful.”

True to my nature I have unique perspective on the role of love relationships.  I feel that a love relationship is our greatest spiritual teacher and that even if a relationship is difficult or challenging that our partner has chosen to participate in our greatest learning and evolution in this lifetime and thus must love us very, very deeply if they are willing to participate with us (especially if it is in a challenging way).

One thing that I feel to be true is that any relationship in which you are experiencing a great deal of energy has value for personal growth.  Even the slightest degree of charge, or energy you have with a romantic partner shows that there is still something to be learned in that relationship.

In my own life I have had several relationships that were less than desirable yet in the darkest hours the realization came to me that the soul of the other person was devoted to my growth and that awareness allowed me to persevere and see my partner in a new light, with a new-found sense of appreciation.

One relationship which was especially challenging due to the amount of pure love and the degree of difficulty lasted for 15 years off and on and was the most amazing of teachers.  I learned more about myself, my inner strength, my capacity to love and my devotion to my own spiritual journey.  My partner and I continued to process the relationship for another 5 years after our separation and still feel a great deal of love and devotion for one another.  During our relationship we each had “glimpses” of other lifetimes together and counted about 14 different eras from those visions.  Truly it was a remarkable experience and although we never married, I feel that our commitment was undeniable and when it was time to part that too was undeniable.  The separation in no way diminishes the value of the relationship in my heart.

So ironically I am a “never married” wedding officiant who delights in the ceremony of matrimony and the journey of relationship.  I have worked with many local wedding planners at most every wedding venue in Sedona be it an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding and feel that I have a deep sense of the character of each location.  I’ve never been to a wedding that I didn’t shed a tear, even those that I was supervising the catering of and didn’t even know the couple personally.  I am a romantic through and through and would love to continue to facilitate others’ passage into a commitment  to a lifetime of love and personal evolution.

If you are planning a wedding in Sedona and would like for me to perform your wedding, I would be honored!

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