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by SedonaJeannie on March 11, 2017

How do you know when to trust the still small voice within?

Ok that’s easy: ALWAYS trust

I’ve been following the inner voice of Spirit most of my life, I’d like to say it was easy. I’d like to say that it gets easier over time. Sometimes it does, but not always, in fact sometimes it gets harder and harder to follow blindly, especially when it looks like you are just about to go over a cliff.

Well, here I am free falling into 2017 with many thoughts reeling through my mind. The big one is “How did THAT happen?”

I’ve left my job as an Angel Guide, I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Bali and the best part is – I’m getting paid to do it because I’ve joined with Transformational Tours & Retreats as a tour facilitator.

Yep, you heard that right.

I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t try to make it happen. And I am over-the-moon excited about it.

The best part of all is that I get to invite my friends to come along on this journey and that is why I’m writing to you today.

This year I will be going to places that I have ALWAYS been attracted to –

Bali (who wouldn’t love to go there?)Transformational travel with SedonaJeannie

Egypt has always beckoned (heck at 13, I was building cardboard Pyramids and drawing out the floor plans including the tunnels that I “remembered” from other lives there).

Peru – When I was 26, I was invited to a home slide show by a couple who led tours to Machu Picchu, tears fell from my eyes. I reconnected to something deep inside as I recalled my first view of Lake Titicaca, watching an episode of National Geographic when I was 6. I was riveted to attention the minute I saw the jewel toned blue lake from an aerial view.  It was as though I remembered that view.

And all the while, I’ve also always known that I wouldn’t go until the time was right. How I would know when the time was right? I had no idea, but I was certain that when it was right I would know – and now, I do.

I’m going to get right to the point and then, for those who have trouble sleeping and need a good long read to help them fall asleep I’ll post the whole story below.

The point is: 

I have the opportunity to invite 5 women to join me in Egypt this October.  We will be sailing on a dahabeya, a private Nile cruise vessel like the one Cleopatra and Caesar honeymooned on – equipped with 8 staterooms, private chef and 2 butlers.

The women who are participating in this trip have one thing in common: They know that it is time to Awaken the Goddess within – and we are going to do it in Egypt this October!

Ok now, every hair on my body is standing straight out, I’ve become a human Dandelion. This is big. 

It feels like we are on a mission, placed in our hearts by the Divine Mother herself. The priestesses are gathering again and assembling in the temples, allowing our bodies to re-calibrate to the frequencies that will allow us to bring our magnetic, magical feminine presence back to the Earth and all who dwell here.

It’s going to be amazing – intense – a teeny bit expensive – and WORTH it.

If you are getting this and feeling it, and want to be a part of it please email, call or text me right now. I want to be sure that you are on this trip. There have been so many of you who I have been sitting with and seeing your magnificence, knowing that you had barely scratched the surface in terms of seeing it yourself.

I know that you have so much more to share with the world and the world is ready for YOU. Believe me – I’ve seen a massive change in the collective understanding about Spirituality and the importance of being connected to something greater than ourselves. Not because some religious figure said so but because there is a palpable awareness of the larger Spirit that is breathing life into them.

Why Egypt?

It’s the “Motherland” of spirituality, alchemy, astrology, the enneagram and so many other mystical and occult teachings. It’s the place where Queens and Kings and Gods and Goddesses reign. Egypt stirs ancient memories and Atlantean ideals.

The upcoming journey in October begins in Cairo on October 6 as we make our lazy way along the Nile, we pause at each temple site and step into potent portals of past experiences. Whether you believe in past lives or not, Egypt has got to be like one massive Deja-Vu. I say that because according to theories of a morphogenic field, quantum physics and all that : “if one of us has been there – all of us has been there”.

I once had a healing therapy known as “soul retrieval”, the therapist took me down into a hypnotic trance and had me go back to a time when I was deeply troubled so that I could re-connect the fragmented pieces of my soul and retrieve them. Being somewhat skeptical at the time I wasn’t expecting much.

As she took me down I heard her voice as if far, far away, almost as if she were talking to me under water. She asked what was happening. I saw myself being mistreated by men in sandals and sarongs, they were taunting and rude. She then asked why the men were doing that. To my surprise I heard my own voice saying “Because they were trying to shame me, humble me, chastise me.” Again she asked “why?”. “Because I was a temple dancer, and I was dancing in celebration of the One God”.

The therapist had me visualize a few more things and suggestions to reframe the memories with a more positive outcome and that I would no longer need to repeat the patterns from that life. I came back to awake state, but felt a little fuzzy and woozy for the rest of the day.

The fact is I did not know ANY Egyptian history at that time (other than the perfunctory teaching that slaves had built the pyramids, that was taught in 7th grade, which I thought was the most ridiculous story). I wasn’t so impressed with the phenomena of having seen that last life that I would go out and research to corroborate the story. To me it didn’t matter, if my subconscious thought that story was real and was creating repeated patterns as karmic retribution, then all I really cared about was that I cleared those patterns.

Since then I’ve learned that there was indeed one Pharaoh who touted the “Truth” that there was only One God – for which he was persecuted and brought down. Reading about that really sent shivers down my spine.

Now that I have experienced Sacred sites in Hawaii, Bali and Mexico (and of course, Sedona) I’ve noticed that while visiting I may not notice anything in particular. No thunderclaps, no bolts of lightening and certainly no trumpets to announce the arrival of …well anything.

But eventually as I sort through the memories and put the puzzle pieces back together, I always see a pattern, a mystery unfolding and realize that inside me there has been a deep re-organization in consciousness. And then suddenly I “know things” that I hadn’t known before.

So I am really excited about the opportunity that lie ahead. The opportunity to share these experiences with my beloved Sisters, Priestesses and Healers in training. I’ve seen so many split second visions of our past lives together and I know that we have come together again at this time in history to reclaim our role as vessels of the Divine Feminine. To demonstrate our grace and power through our voices, our songs, our hearts and our incantations to open more fully to all that She is.

Where ELSE would you do that?

Won’t you join me and 15 sisters of the Sacred on this journey of Awakening the Goddess?



For the full Itinerary 


You can grab your spot with a $500 deposit now by going



If you have questions or want to talk about it you can call me directly at 928 821 1339

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