Sedona Getaway

Don’t waste time “shopping” for a “good psychic reading”

and then

“crossing your fingers”

Whether you are looking for Massage, Healers, Astrology, Past Lives, Intuitive Guidance, Shamans, Native American Rituals, Hiking Guides, Private Yoga Sessions in the red rocks or in your hotel room, Sedona has amazing support for you, when you know where to look.

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You won’t find them in the metaphysical bookstores or advertisements, you have to “know somebody”.


As an intuitive and empath I will connect with you in our conversation, I will then have a meditation and  recommend the right Spiritual services with the people who would be the best fit for you.


I have lived in Sedona since 1990 and have been a practicing Spiritual retreat facilitator since 2007 – I know the “best of the best” when it comes to gifted Spiritual advisors!

I work with the Masters of Sedona and will arrange everything for you while getting you the best price.


On a budget?  I will guide you to affordable yet excellent sessions.


Call directly for your free consultation. (928) 821.1339  No obligation, just good advice


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My decision to commit to this journey was sealed after talking to my Jeannie, whose energy I actually felt in the half an hour she took to meditate after our initial phone introduction; in conversation, the familiar phrases she used convinced me I was on track. I was SOOO impressed with the practitioners that were intuitively chosen to make my time in Sedona a powerful and magical journey. It was so refreshing to be connected again with the magic of the universe and the healing energy that comes from the restorative and spirit-driven techniques employed by these talented and selfless individuals. – DM

Thank you for guiding me through one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Everything I learned has made a tremendous impact on my days since then and for that I am eternally grateful. Mary S –