Occasionally I come across a product that I feel is valuable and want to share it with my community.  This page will have an expanding list of links to products that I feel are life and health enhancing.  Have fun and feel free to contact me if you want to know about my experience with these products.

The Science Of Getting Rich

Check this out!  This site has a free download of the book by Wallace Wattles, titled “The Science Of Getting Rich”.  There are all sorts of free items to download and use immediately.  You can also get an audio recording of the book to play on your ipod or mp3 player.  Students who have taken the Practical Genius Course which is offered there, swear by it!  Click here and check it out:

Astrology of your Relationship – instant analysis

This next bit is too much fun! When checking your relationship compatibility against the computer, I think it’s all in the way you interpret the aspects, so I’m not so sure that the interpretations given here will fit every relationship to a “T”, more likely you will get the essence of the inherent gifts and challenges of any relationship.  Have fun playing with this one!  I’m even comparing my relationship to Rufus my dog 🙂