July 2017 – The Care and Feeding of your Dreams

by SedonaJeannie on August 3, 2017

Have you noticed the speed with which things are happening lately?  It’s hard to keep up with all the activity let alone plan for the future.  However, if we don’t plan for a future by choice and intention – we end up in a default situation, which we might like or maybe not.

For example, Spirit has been whispering to me for some time that my beloved SUV would need to be put to rest sometime soon.  This was pure intuition and had nothing to do with vehicle maintenance issues or breakdowns.  My car was a trusty steed for 13 plus years and never once was I stranded due to a breakdown.   That in itself was amazing, but then I did some research to find a new engine for it and I found out that many people had serious issues with the same year, make and model – I was totally shocked to learn this!

But here is the hitch: in spite of my gentle guidance to prepare for a new vehicle, I clung to the old one and said prayers of gratitude every time I slid behind the steering wheel.  I loved the way the steering wheel felt, I loved that I could see over the engine from high above and out into traffic well ahead of me.  And I loved the color, the shape, the tinted windows, and that the back door opened wide enough to move a refrigerator.  I think you get my point – I was glued to this car!

Now you may have noticed I am speaking in past-tense.  Well, that is because our day of un-partnering has come, and although I was thick in denial up to the minute the engine blew out, now I am completely at peace with it.  The only problem is that I did not have a plan for a new vehicle,  I have no idea what kind of vehicle would make me happiest now.

I FORGOT to manifest, intend or even visualize my new car!

As a coach and teacher, I KNOW how the power of attraction works.  This is one of my favorite subjects to teach and I have oodles of stories of fabulous manifestations.  So here I am flummoxed as I try to imagine my next new vehicle and I have no idea other than that I really loved having a 5-speed transmission. Fortunately, one of the things I’ve recently committed to is a weekly teleconference which is focused on magnetizing all the good things we want for ourselves.   I’ve taught this class many times in the past and always find great pleasure in the weekly sharing of current miracles.  The inspiration to teach this class again was probably another gentle nudge from Spirit to get busy imagining my new car, but I was just stubbornly hanging onto my beloved steed.

The day that I said my goodbyes and final words of appreciation as I sent the car off with the tow truck, a friend gave me a ride back home and on the way, I remembered that my class was to be in 2 hours.  I would have to provide my students a pre-recorded exercise plan – one that they had asked for me to help them with weeks ago.  The process is shifting from where you are now to what your ideal life would look like.  There is no mention of what kind of car you would be driving in this recording – but you can always add that bit in if you are interested in a new car.  The irony is that my denial about needing a new car was so thick that I completely left it out of the visualization.  Lesson learned!

Please enjoy this brief visualization process, it is all about getting clear about what you would like to have happening in your life. The more specific you can see your ideal life – the easier it is for the Universe to align you to your new future in just the way that you like it best.

As for me, I’m shopping for cars and “trying on” different identities, it’s humorous to see what has shown up.  Do I go with the Darth Vader black shiny sedan or the silver metallic UFO like sports convertible? (which ironically was what I had planned to buy years ago as a second car), or will it be another SUV?

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome, in the meantime I’ll be listening to my own recording and visualizing like heck!

Won’t you please join me?

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