July , 2015 Does this full moon have you howling yet?

by SedonaJeannie on July 1, 2015

This full moon could be called “Beauty and the Beast”

The Beast aspect is the potent energies of Pluto (un-relenting drive for power/renewal) driving us to deeper and deeper layers of transformation in regard to the Capricorn archetype of the wise elder or inner authority. How are you responding to the authorities in your life and how are you demonstrating wise counsel to others?

Pluto, when combined with the moon (which is normally deeply sensitive and emotional) it’s an odd pairing, but tonight the moon is in the stoic and serious sign of Capricorn too so they are both shouting out the same commands. We may find that our unconscious and infantile sub-personalities may be rearing their heads because the Moon highlights our emotions, habits and infantile needs and Pluto adds INTENSITY to anything it touches.

At the same time the Sun (fiery passion and self expression) and Mars (the passionate warrior) are standing in direct opposition to the Moon/Pluto pair. The Sun is our conscious identity, or Ego and when paired with Mars we are confident and full of ourselves.

Meaning what? Well, I would say that our inner and outer selves are in a Mexican standoff and nobody is budging. Yet, as we all know, the subconscious will always wins ( think about the last time you tried to give up something you love …like say, chocolate…how long was it before you were sneaking just a teensy little piece?)

And now, here is the “Beauty” aspect: The “money and love planets” Venus (love and affection and what we value) and Jupiter (“more is better”, “bigger is better” “constant quest for higher Spiritual truths”) are paired so closely that they are said to be conjunct (married), and together they are making a triangle aspect to Uranus (freedom loving and Spiritual connection). What-huh?

With this aspect we may receive a beautiful blessing and wonderful feelings of love, blessings and abundance from out of the blue because Uranus often brings surprises quickly as in a flash of lightening which is startling but enlightening.

We can actually see this planetary pairing at dusk tonight so head outside and look to the west for the brightest lights you can see in the heavens. Heck why not even “Call the energy of the planets while you are looking up and ask for a special blessing? I can tell you that I will be out there for sure because Venus and Jupiter are married (conjunt) the Sun in my own birth chart and I have always been very lucky and perhaps blessed.

How will YOU integrate the Beauty and Beast in your own life during this full moon cycle?

If you need a little insight to what part of your life is likely to be affected, contact me for a update reading of the current transits. Sometimes it just helps to know that you are not backsliding when you find yourself “losing it” and often what looks like a “breakdown” is actually a breakthrough!

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