Jeannie’s Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift at SedonaJeannie

Gift:  An astrological update for free – an astrological transit report for the next 3 months delivered to your email – just because I can :~)

2015 marks a change in pattern astrologically. We have been through the most challenging times in 2014 since the 1960’s – many astrologers predicted that there would be major crashes in the economy, earthquakes, volcanoes, and general mayhem.

Well all of those things were real issues – we now have more volcanoes active on the planet than we have ever known. The weather has been more severe with storms happening in places they never did before, record temperatures and the threat of war ever pending.

Now we move into a very different cycle in which life will calm down somewhat, people will be looking for higher forms of self expression, more just ways of being in the world. We seek freedom from tyranny of any kind yet not from demanding like a small child having a tantrum (2014) but from an inspiration that moves us out to happier and greener pastures. We seek community as comfort and offer love through generous service.

We are almost there, after the final contact of the planets Pluto and Uranus in March it will be fading, just one more blip on the radar and the intense patterns of 2014 will be disappearing in our rear view mirror! Praise Holy Spirit~

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This picture always cracks me up – it was a note handed to my dinner companion while eating out on my birthday in Mexico. I was touched as he worked so very hard to make my night special by surprising me with a free dessert with candle.

image of a hand written note

The Birthday Surprise!