Glossary for the New Age

People often stop me mid-sentence to ask “what does that word mean?” Since I love words I use them as precisely as possible and as appropriately to the person I am speaking with as possible. Given that a lot of what I talk about has to do with metaphysics (what is beyond our physical awareness) there are a host of words that often throw the average listener into somewhat of a spin.  image of books on a shelf

The following is a list of words that I’ve created to support those who endeavor to learn more about metaphysics and the new age conversational topics. If you think I’ve missed any, please add them in the comment section below this list. I’ll be happy to include them, even if you don’t include the description, I’ll do the research! I appreciate your comments, really, I do!

Accupoints – specific locations on the body along meridian channels, that when pressure is applied can alter the amount of chi passing through the meridian. Used in acupuncture and acupressure treatments to balance energy flowing throughout the body and organs.


Acupuncture – the practice of puncturing various acupoints on the body using specific needles for the purpose of interrupting or enhancing energy flow in the meridians. Can be used to relieve pain and as a general balancing agent for the energy in the body.


Akashic Records – a “library” of all events, thoughts, actions and feelings of humankind since the beginning of time. In keeping with the ideology that the soul never ceases to exist and that ones soul can inhabit many lifetimes in different bodies, yet the memories are available through the akashic records (also known as the akashic field, a vibratory field of data/memory storage).


Astrology – the study of planetary bodies and their effects on all living things on earth. The interaction of the gravitational relationship between the planets, the earth and an individuals electro-magnetic field. When an individual is under the influence of specific planetary alignment and the related forces, the personality “mimics” that of the involved planets. Astrologers “read” an individual “horoscope ” (aka “natal chart” *)to find what likely influences will be affecting the individual and to identify specific periods of growth in an the individuals lifetime. (Natal Chart – Horoscope (hour- wheel) planetary positions as viewed from Earth at the moment of birth, charted onto paper or computer screen, used by astrologer to analyze angles, and patterns.)



Atlantis – a legendary highly civilized and advanced ancient island culture, which historians argue” cannot be confirmed” to have existed. Ideology first presented by Greek philosopher, Plato, who said that the Atlanteans lived 9,000 years prior to his own culture and that destruction had come by earthquake or tsunami. More recently, information has been presented by mystics Helen Blavatsky, Seth (as channeled by Jane Roberts) and Edgar Cayce. The Cayce readings identified the Atlanteans as very advanced scientists who utilized crystal energy and had space ships which were powered with crystal energy.


Aura – The electromagnetic field around all living things. Mostly invisible except by Kirlian photography or those gifted with acute sensory skills or psychic vision. The auric energy field holds “energy patterns” produced by the thoughts of the individual and can be “read” by mystics to determine what the thoughts of the individual are in the process of creating. Long held thoughts can create physical manifestations, so the importance of being able to detect and eliminate disease-creating thoughts is an important aspect of “energy healing”.


Automatic writing – a form of “channeling” whereby the “channel” allows free flow of writing of whatever enters his/her mind. Usual preparation for such would include, stilling the senses, the mind and offering a prayer to invite “spirit guides”, “energies”, “higher wisdom” to speak directly to the mind of the channel. As the channel becomes more skilled at “allowing” the energies to use his/her body to communicate in human form, information may flow at exceptionally fast rates and with greater clarity, wisdom and perspective that the channel possesses in a non-channeling state. Debate about the origin of the information abounds and some possible origins are: departed loved ones, the subconscious mind of the individual, the universal subconscious mind, etc.


Biofeedback – a system for evaluating the biological signals produced by the body. Specifically biological functions (i.e. heart rate, breath rate, skin surface temperature, etc. ) These are monitored by surface electrodes (sensors) and electronically amplified in order for the data to be analyzed by the practioner/client. An example of a biofeedback reading machine would be a polygraph (lie detector) which graphs changes in the biological condition under different psychological states and different levels of stress. Can be very effective to determine what stressors are causing the most affects to an individual.


Chakras – energy centers that function as a connection between the mind and body through the aura. There are 7 primary chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is related to different states of awareness. Emotions are processed primarily through the chakras and so it particularly beneficial to experience “energy healing” as this addresses the emotional issues while balancing other energies in the chakras. Energy healing/balancing can be so effective that the client is not even aware of the issues that are being cleared, other than a momentary feeling that may pass over them during or after the session. The chakras were introduced in the Hindu Vedas and were referred to as the “wheels of life”.


Channeling – the phenomenon in which an individual stills the senses and puts their conscious mind into a very relaxed state in order to allow a higher level of consciousness to emerge or flow through them. Also known as trance-channeling the communication may come as oral dictation or mental dictation (automatic writing). Most channels have little or no recollection of the information that has been dictated, those who do are referred to as “conscious channels”.


Chi – Life force energy. Our connection to the spirit world, the universal subconscious mind and our creator. Known as prana by Hindus, Pneuma by Greeks, chi/qi by the Chinese and ki by Japanese. Many martial arts exercises and yoga, by design are to improve the flow of chi in the body.


Clairaudience – from the French “clair” meaning clear in English, literal translation is clear-hearing. Generally means hearing voices or sounds outside the normal range of human perception. Voices may be perceived as if they are the voices of people known to have passed over into death, people unknown to the hearer or may sound as if it is their own internal voice. Clairaudient people typically learn to distinguish the voices from their own internal voice and pay close attention to the meaning of the words.


Clairsentient – literal translation: “clear feeling” or “clear sensing”. Experience can be physical(sights, sounds, smells, tastes or sensual) or emotional (feelings of happiness, sadness, anxiety or urgency).


Clairvoyant – literal translation “clear seeing” clairvoyants have astute intuitive awareness, insight or perceptiveness. Can “witness” events past/present/future. The ability to look beyond the 3d world of here and now and view “remotely” the actions and events of others regardless of physical distance.


Conscious dreaming – altered state similar to sleeping dream-state but brought about through means such as shamanic drumming, holotropic breath, meditation, trance or other altered states. A powerful means of tuning into the souls deeper yearnings, often accompanied by visions of people, places and/or events that can bring these to fruition. A type of intuitive awareness, brought about through conscious acts (rituals if you will).


Crystal Healing – the therapeutic application of specific gemstones for the benefit of their vibrational quality and the radiant energy fields generated. All matter has consciousness as the foundation of matter being molecules and atoms. Atoms have consciousness therefore gemstones radiate consciousness and it is this consciousness that generates a vibrational field and thus affects the electromagnetic field of other living beings. Can be used to balance or strengthen energy fields.


Distance Healing (aka remote healing) – the act of focusing conscious attention on another beings energy field and effecting a balancing of the energy field by means of prayer, channeling divine energy and transfer of that high vibration to the “patient”.


Divination – prediction, forecasting, foretelling, insight


Dowsing – intuitive reading of energy patterns with the use of physical tools such as bent wires, pendulum or forked twigs. Especially useful in finding of lost items, locating specific energy fields such as underground water supplies, minerals and in identifying imbalance or weakness in human energy fields (areas of dis-ease in energy typically relate to areas of disease in the body tissues).


DNA Activation – the theory that as we evolve as a species our dna grows additional strands and those become activated to allow for fuller expression and multi-dimensional awareness.


Energy Healing – intentional focus of frequency on an energy field, be it a person, situation, pet, etc. All matter consists of energy at different rate of vibrational frequency. Lower frequency is characterized by solid matter, whereas higher frequency is physical tissue, light and sound. Introducing sound, light and/or energy directed from a person who is consciously focused on high energy (divine energy) can neutralize lower energy patterns by means of entrainment. In other words “energy seeks it’s own level”. Similar to the effect of clocks whose pendulums will reset in order to swing at the same rate of motion when located in the same environment and stringed instruments, which when an individual string of each is plucked at the same time begin to “harmonize”. The higher of frequency of the two will prevail.


Guided Imagery – using the imagination to create a scenario of well being or other desired result. Often used to heal trauma from the past, to heal physical trauma or disease. As it is in the mind so it is, “as a man think-eth so is he”. Everything that happens, happens twice, once in the mind, then in the physical manifestation. When using guided imagery it is beneficial to bring to mind; sights, sounds, tastes, feelings and sensations. The more real it becomes in the inner world the faster it will manifest in the outer reality.


Intuition – insight independent of existential knowledge . The ability to perceive or know things without using conscious reasoning. Often insights will come “in a flash”, without being summoned and without warning. If not stunted by rational, analytical thought, these insights may provide extraordinary wisdom, clarity and assistance. Also known as a “hunch”, but usually with more information. Can be perceived as a feeling, thought or a sense of “knowing”.


Iridology – ancient science of analyzing the iris of the eyes and read the markings to identify the presence of inflammation in the body, specifically the organs (inflammation being a pre-cursor to disease).


Kinesiology – using the body’s own wisdom to gain clarity about a certain topic. A “yes or no” question is posed and then pressure applied to an extended limb. A “yes” reply will result in the muscles’ ability to remain extended without weakening. A no reply will cause the muscle to weaken dramatically so that it is unable to remain extended with ease. Based on the premise that our own internal knowing is always present and that we may call upon this knowing for clarity at any time.


Ley Lines – natural flows of energy (positive or negative, as in electrical current) that when intersected create “power centers” or “vortex” Many of the most impressive sacred sites around the world which have been constructed by ancient cultures are sited on ley lines or intersections of ley lines.


Medical Intuitive – a person who relies solely on intuitive faculties to identify medical conditions of another person. A medical intuitive is not typically a trained physician, yet displays uncanny understanding of medical terms, anatomy and other topics related to medicine. This technique is especially useful when traditional medicine fails to identify the source of a physical complaint or condition and then is followed through with traditional treatment.


Meridian(s) – conduits / pathways in the human anatomy through which energy (chi) flows. There are fourteen major channels, along which an acupuncturist will “tap into” at certain points to slow down or to stimulate the flow of the energy. These are the same points used in Meridian Tapping, also known as EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Mystic – someone who has been initiated into religious mysteries and has learned sacred rites or mystic rites and has insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge through direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.  A mystic is also defined as some who teaches mysticism or a doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths believed to transcend ordinary understanding, or of a direct, intimate union of the soul with God through contemplation or ecstasy.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – a means of assessing how an individual represents emotional data in his or her consciousness. Observance of eye movement patterns during conversation or when asked to “think about a particular thing”


Past Life Regression – guided imagery or hypnosis techniques designed to guide the subconscious mind back to a time that pre-dates this life. Specific instruction is given to remember any events from the past that are causing issues or discomfort in the present life. A belief in reincarnation is not a pre-requisite yet many non-believers have felt that the session opened the door to belief or at a minimum, deeper awareness of the possibility.


Pendulum – a device consisting of a weight suspended by string, chain or other means which will allow the weight to swing about freely. To utilize, the string is held between the thumb and forefinger and held perfectly still. Then the holder focuses attention on a particular question with the idea in mind that specific motion will read “yes”, and another will read “no”. Example; a circular motion is “yes”, a back-and-forth motion is “no”. The weight is allowed to swing in random movements while the holder focuses on his or her question, until it begins to move consistently in one of the aforementioned patterns.


Power Animals (aka totems) – according to shamanic lore animals can serve as protective spirits to help us in our daily life and to help us connect spiritually to the universe. The animal often will signify a persons’ innermost nature and may change during their lifetime as they change. Power animals may manifest in the minds eye during meditation, during dreams, rituals or as “random” sightings in the wild or otherwise in a persons consciousness.


Psychic – the capacity to “know” of people, places, events, etc. without conscious effort. Also known as ESP (extra sensory perception).


Psycho-kinesis – the ability to move physical objects without physical contact, only through use of the will and mental attention. Uri Geller was famous for his ability to apply psycho-kinesis consistently.


Psychometry – the ability to perceive information through touch, holding a personal item, piece of jewelry worn by a person, etc.


Quantam Physics – theories that identify the universe as energy moving at different rates of speed. The possibility of parallel universes and that all material evidence is at the effect of the mind energy of the observer. It has become fact that when a scientist observes an experiment his thoughts affect the outcome. This is the basis of the statement “thoughts create things”& “you create your own reality”. Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote extensively about this in his book “The Biology Of Belief” based on his personal findings in laboratory studies.


Reiki – a system of energy manipulation intended for healing energy patterns in the body. Reiki can also be applied to foods, homes, automobiles or any situation where balance is desired.


Reiki Master – a person who has been “attuned” in all 3 levels of Reiki therapy, use of the 4 Reiki symbols and demonstrates a complete understanding of their use. At the third level of attunement (initiation) the practitioner undergoes an energy clearing and connection to healing energies in order that he/she may offer healings to others.


Shaman – a man or woman who is known as a priest, medicine man, spiritualist, sage, medium, curandero or healer (is recognized as such in his/her tribe). A shaman is one who is equally comfortable with spirit-world and the material plane of existence. The function is to assist those in times of spiritual crisis or periods in which the soul is suffering.


Shamanism – a practice whereby the Shaman enters altered states to connect more fully with the universe and all the elements to collect the necessary wisdom to guide a person undergoing a healing. An altered state is obtained with the assistance of drumming, rattling and other rhythmic noises and sometimes herbal concoctions. Shamans may time travel or merge with any of the elements, rocks, plants, animals or other humans, as part of the ritual healing. Because Shamans recognize the universal oneness of all life, they may complete the healing with or without the patient being present.


Soul Retrieval – re-claiming fragmented parts of ourselves which have been splintered due to trauma, grief, shock, physical trauma (surgery, etc) and abuse of alcohol or drugs. Best achieved by working with a Shaman or other facilitator who is skilled in this area.



Sound Therapy – the utilization of sound waves to effect balance by “entrainment” each of the bodies organs and systems resonates in accordance with the thoughts that we think, when out of balance, or in a dis-eased state, sound can “remind” them of their original attunement. Very beneficial for clearing chakras as part of the whole.


Vortex – A vortex is a whirl of water or air, or the center of something that draws the outside in. (noun)  An example of a vortex is a whirlpool.
The core of a vortex in air is sometimes visible because of a plume of water vapor caused by condensation in the low pressure and low temperature of the core; the spout of a tornado is a classic example. When a vortex line ends at a boundary surface, the reduced pressure at may also draw matter from that surface into the core. For example, a dust devil is a column of dust picked up by the core of an air vortex attached to the ground. By the same token, a vortex in a body of water that ends at the free surface (like the whirlpool that often forms over a bathtub drain) may draw a column of air down the core.  The effect of electro-magnetic vortex energy on the human electro-magnetic field appears to magnify emotions and bring the unconscious to conscious awareness.



Yin/Yang – a principle of ancient Chinese philosophy that life is a balance of opposing energies. Yin represents receptive, passive, feminine, moist, hidden or dark fields of energy. Yang represents movement, masculine, assertive energy, forward momentum, solar forces, dry, arid energies.


Universal Principles and Universal Laws – laws of physics, gravity, etc. There are accepted laws of universal principles such as: the law of attraction, the law of propensity, the law of vacuum (energy will seek it’s own level). The universal principles when understood and applied correctly in ones life, allows a life of greater harmony within the universe.