Giving Back With Gratitude

Name my price?   Yes – it’s really true!

You are invited to have an Karmic Integration with me and I will accept any donation amount – no questions asked.

Karmic Integration is a process of clearing away any beliefs, mis-perceptions, patterns, programs,etc. that may stem from past life or ancestral imprinting you can read a full description of how this session works here

Simply submit your donation and then request  a date & time from the schedule page (you will be re-directed there after your donation is submitted) and I will confirm the appointment asap.  If you are not re-directed to the schedule page you can request the date and time in the Paypal message box.

Please take a moment to consider what you feel is a comfortable donation for you and know that any amount is okay.  *Be present to the truth that life gives back to you in direct relation to what you give so if you are tempted to give $1 you may want to bump it up a bit ;~).

Am I crazy? Why would I make such an offer?

Life doesn’t always give us what we want but we always get what we need. I’ve always had incredible faith in Spirit and in my ability to create magic in my life.  I am often asked how I’ve developed this faith and I have to say that it comes with noticing the subtle signals in our environment.  When we do we are gently guided to everything that we need to feel fulfilled on a very deep level.  Sometimes we are guided to things that we didn’t even know we needed but after they manifest we go “ahhhh, this is amazing!”

That is what is happening for me right now, I’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with a home in the country, with views of nature in every direction and I’ve been blessed with work that allows me to spend lots of time in meditation and contemplation out in nature.  I never realized just how much my busy-ness was blocking my appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

Today as I sipped my morning tea looking out over the horizon I felt so incredibly blessed that I wished I could share my bounty with everyone.  And then it occurred to me that I could!

So I am offering my extra time this month via Karmic Integration (Past Life Clearings) by donation.  I consider it to be a gift of resurrection, the resurrection of my Spirit, my faith, my abundance, my joy.

If you haven’t already done so, why not click the donate button now and let’s find out what your inner guidance has been trying to convey to you that you haven’t been hearing.  There is an abundance of gifts waiting for you and your Angels are just waiting to guide you to them so let’s get started!

Just submit your donation and then request a date & time from the schedule page (you will be re-directed there after your donation is submitted) and I will confirm the appointment asap.