Easter, resurrection and spring at last!

by SedonaJeannie on April 17, 2017

Hola amigos!

oops I forgot I’m not in Peru anymore….
Although…. I did bring a little of Peru back home with me and I want to share it with you.
But first let me ask you this : How are you doing?
I’m curious because as we build up to the intense transition times of 2020 – 2017 has shot us all out of the proverbial cannon.  We have had a lot of planetary energy breaking loose old structures, releasing us from past contracts and obligations and then “kerplop” everything seemed to come to a dead halt this month (April 2017).
But don’t worry, there is still plenty of change happening, it’s just that it’s happening on deep, internal levels.  I say that because we started out the month of April with FOUR planets in retrograde motion (apparently moving backwards when compared to the Sun).
You’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde – when all things having to do with communication, electronics and travel are under review.  It’s beyond cliche’,  just a few days ago my computer tech lovingly known as “the Mac Guy” and normally cool as a cucumber with computer stuff sent me an email bemoaning the workload he has right now and that he was completely befuddled with one of his repair jobs.  I’m not sure but from the sound of things he was about ready to fling the computer against the wall!
Now before you go thinking “gee whiz what’s the point?” I encourage you to stay the course and trust that just like the last stages of pregnancy when everyone is getting irritable and tired of waiting for the big day,  you are getting ready to birth something new.
quoteI wonder… is it a boy or a girl?  LOL

Actually, I’m so curious to learn what my beloved friends are creating in their lives, so please – feel free to share!  You can use the comment section below, share on FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus or wherever/however you want to vent…. oops I mean “share”.

I’ve been busy mostly with travel this year and it’s been amazing – I hope to be publishing some of those experiences soon and I will be sure to keep you up to date on any of that.  Writing for publishing is work and I’m not too keen on working hard so I’ve been putting it off for years.  This month’s retrograde planets are PERFECT for reviewing, rewriting and revising so I’ve turned off the phone and had 2 cappuccinos – It’s THAT serious :~)

Now for the BIG reveal:
Almost every day I get an email, phone call or person standing in front of me asking me when I will be teaching a class.  As you can imagine my mind flashes “When would I have time to do THAT?!”
So my houseguest from China began asking me questions.  She was relentless, wanting to know how it is that I am so at peace in life.  What began as a simple reply became a discourse on all things metaphysical, the Unified field principle and the laws of the Universe.  And after about 4 hours I just “got” it.  “That’s IT! I have to create a coaching program around Magic, Miracles and Manifestation.”

Of course that name would be too cheesy so I’ll stick with Grace and Gratitude – the class I co-facilitated in Mexico and had fabulous results with.

So without further adieu… It’s time and I’m ready.
Starting this Sunday April 23 you are invited to join me in a weekly mentoring session.

Its called Magnetizing Abundance with Grace and Gratitude

Get the details >>HERE<<
If you are birthing something new and need a little inspiration, a little nudge, perhaps someone to brainstorm or help tweak your idea this program is for you.  If you have had blocks to prosperity, abundance and financial freedom, this program is for you.  If you wish that you had friends who understood the Spiritual laws of attraction and your need to be of service, be creative or break free from the rut you’ve been in – This program is for you.
It won’t be some super slick coaching offer where you have to pay $1,200 a month for some “high value” program and your very own private FB group and all that.  Instead it will be a weekly group “hangout” where in a structured way we will invoke grace, gratitude, set intentions for what we want to manifest and be of service to one another purely by listening and witnessing objectively to each others desires and then putting all the energy of the group onto each persons “dream”.
I’ve seen amazing results from this and many of you know that I have a habit of manifesting like crazy.  It’s so easy that it’s almost embarrassing (especially when I FORGET to apply the principles and find myself short on cash – bleh!  It happens to the best of us!)
And because it’s a pilot program you are getting in at a great price – less than your monthly car payment!  And seriously?  If you still have a car payment – you NEED this more than I thought ;~)

And now for the Peruvian Magic

While in Peru I participated in ceremony with a Quechua Shaman where we drank cactus juice called San Pedro.  (Yes THAT kind of cactus – the kind that the Peruvian people call “crazy head”)

I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t my first time exploring shamanic realms or using entheogens as a tool to deepen my Spiritual awareness, I don’t do this sort of thing casually rather ONLY in ceremonial and Spiritual context.The Origins of Entheogenic Education

The notion that some psychoactive plants can help humans learn important things about the cosmos and their place in it is a belief held by many different cultures.

And fortunately for me one of my best friends and mentors was the managing director for an organization which has been researching all things psychedelic for use in clinical practice since the 60’s (?) Learn more at MAPS

Back to Peru: After the initial repulsion of drinking a slimy green beverage,  it was a beautiful experience and I felt myself melting into bliss and feeling totally connected to my body, my heart and the heartbeat of the world.
I had many visions of loved ones past, those who have passed over and of family and friends current.  I even realized that I had encountered the reincarnation of a very, very dear friend who had died in 2000.  Once I realized it I began to laugh and cry uncontrollably while my mind raced to calculate whether this was even possible – indeed the young man I encountered was just at the tender age of 17.
Just in case you are thinking “come on, get real”; NO worries.  I had the same thought myself and then I remembered that the mind is plastic and memories can be manufactured, and yet, our response to those memories are none-the-less real.
So whether my experience was really an encounter with my deceased friend-cum-reincarnation or not, the experience of joy and love was absolutely real and very healing.
During the ceremony I found that my Ajna Chakra (psychic center) was highly activated and I had many visions related to the other participants in the ceremony.
In one instance I was guided to talk with one young man as if I were relaying the innermost feelings of his mother/wife/feminine archetype.
It seemed to be a channeled message, because the moment I began to speak to him, my eyes were flooded with tears.  In our brief exchange I conveyed with compassion and empathy the love that he had not been able to receive from the women in his life.  He admitted that he was not sure that he could take it all in but that he would try.
Later I glanced over to another participant and immediately saw in my inner vision: a woman, frantically searching, desperately seeking.  “For what?”
I became aware that she was frantic in her desire to reach him on an etheric level.  I didn’t want to just blurt that out to him, but later as we passed each other near the door of the cottage I said to him “I feel that there is a woman who is trying to reach you”.  He literally stepped back, startled and said “I don’t know which one”.  I replied, “the one you just thought of”.
Later during our closure ceremony he shared that in the moment that I said those words, his initiation went much deeper and he cried for most of the rest of the day.  He said it would be complicated as the woman was not his fiancee’.  He also said that the revelations that came to him were so profound that he felt that this was the “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE”.
So much for keeping my thoughts to myself!
And then I came home to Sedona and the first day home I received an auto-booking from a client who lives in New York.  When we connected by phone at the time of the session he recounted a dream he had.  He described seeing me in the dream, among all these “little cottages” and teaching him.  He said that he “felt his entire nervous system infused with Divine Feminine Love” and that now EVERY time he tunes into me he feels that.
Humbling to say the least…
This is incredible on so many levels, because during my ceremony I was in fact among all these “little cottages”, I was in fact “teaching” and I was indeed “infused with Divine Feminine Love”.
He also admitted to me that he had participated in plant medicine ceremony in the past, and of having drunk the same variety of cactus “San Pedro”.
The Shamans say that “the medicine connects us to all of the Universe and that it stays with us all of our lives, connecting us to others who share in the initiation”.
This honest sharing from a seeming totally random client session validated for me the truth in those words.
My first introduction to San Pedro was last autumn, I took my first initiation in a very low dose and the effect was very gentle.  It allowed me to connect into my heart and in the days to follow I became aware of a sadness in my heart that I had not been aware of before.   I wanted to blame the plant medicine, but I knew that this sadness was mine and that the medicine was only facilitating a deep release and purification of my heart.
Shortly after I realized that my time of listening to people tell me about their grief and sadness everyday in my job was at closure.  I guess I just didn’t resonate with that kind of grief anymore and I was released from participating in the patterns of grief, shame, blame, victim, savior, persecutor.
And hence began a new era where I have been invited into traveling and teaching.
Coincidentally, the facilitator of my first San Pedro ceremony has invited me to co-facilitate in Shamanic Ceremonies with their Shaman in California, a man from Peru who is not only a highly trained medicine man in the Quechua nations but also holds degrees in Pharmacology and science.
While I am honored to be invited I am also feeling trepidation at the commitment required in such an undertaking.  I have decided to allow Spirit to guide in any further decisions about that.
And now the Facilitator from Peru has contacted me to invite me to participate in ceremony here in Sedona, later this month.
Gulp!?!    It appears Spirit has spoken.
….to be continued

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