Past Life Karma

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Do you suspect that a nagging problem has past life roots?  I believe that in fact most of our problems have past life roots.  The subconscious is a vast repository for memories of events which we either experienced or imagined.  This means that we can have past life memories whether or not we lived them or even believe in reincarnation.

How you say?  Well, anytime we hear stories of our ancestors, predecessors and historical figures our mind creates an image of the event and that gets stored in the subconscious along with actual events that we have experienced.  I have had so many visions of events that I could not have possibly experienced in this lifetime that I have come to believe that in some way we do experience multiple lifetimes.

My family says that as a very young child just learning to talk that I would tell wild tales, my father was a sailor in the Navy and so he would call them “sea stories”.  I began to sense that everyone thought I was a liar, so eventually I stopped talking about my inner experiences.

One of the most potent memories I’ve had was as a child of 5.  I was walking behind my sister who was 8 though a grassy meadow.  I had been looking down at the ground and when I looked up what I saw was an adult Native American dressed in full buckskin regalia.  The only similarity to my sister was the long dark braid of her hair hanging down her back.  My five year old brain didn’t have the experience or the language to make a deductive reason for the vision, so I just went about my day without ever mentioning the incident to anyone.  Later in my teens I learned the theory of reincarnation and I just assumed that the vision must have been from a past life.  I’ve since had many fleeting visions of other lives with other people and so the idea that our challenges can stem from past life experiences is one that I can readily accept.

Whether they are chronological lifetimes as in traditional reincarnation theories or parallel lifetimes as in quantum physic theories is not my concern.  What is my concern is that we can become blocked on a deep subconscious level by beliefs, mis-perceptions, fears, contracts, commitments and a host of other mental observations in any lifetime.

Robert Detzler, founder of the Spiritual Response Association has developed a system known as Spiritual Response Therapy which identifies and clears past life issues.  When I first learned of this system I have to be honest my B.S. radar was blaring!  I decided that I would have a session to determine whether this was something that I could recommend or if I would be able to find “the holes” in the system and prove it to be a sham.  With all humility I have decided that this work is not only valid, but so very important that I have taken the requisite training to perform the session as a practitioner.

This is what I can tell you that lead me to that decision:

I went to my initial SRT session with a skeptical outlook but open to see what it would be like.  I settled into my reclining seat and began a series of deep relaxing breaths asking my mind to be open to receive any potential benefit.  The practitioner explained to me that life is like a school for souls and that each soul chooses the experiences it will have in order to learn specific lessons.  As she began to work through various charts using a pendulum to dowse and identify any issues I might carry in my subconscious memory, she spoke aloud asking questions (not to me, but to my soul) and then answering out loud so that I could hear.  To my amazement the issues she described were not vague or general, instead they were very specific to me and basically she described every emotional issue or pattern I’ve experienced throughout my life.  What was fascinating is that for each issue she would ask “what is the issue”, “when this issue was formed: “who was involved?”, “was anyone harmed?”, “what was the reason?”.  And a story would emerge, then she would respectfully ask for the soul to release the issue/belie/program that was holding the pattern.

To my further amazement the last lifetime experience that she cleared for me was for an issue that I had recently become aware of.  The story identified a fear of others being harmed due to my participation in relationship with someone other than my spouse albeit the extra relationship was purely platonic and she assured me that I had not  done anything adulterous. (whew!)  This for me was so profoundly real that I began to weep and my throat closed up tightly in order to hold back sobs of grief.  At the same time my mind was reeling as I recalled all the times in my life when I opted out of friendships and relationships if they had any potential whatsoever of crossing lines or creating 3 way triangles.

What I had considered an excellent model of moral integrity had been blown way out of proportion and what actually resulted is that I was holding up a shield around my personal integrity to such a degree that my intimate partners would sense that something was out of balance and then become very possessive and jealous….which only fueled my self-righteousness!  This was definitely NOT a sham, rather in incredible tool to allow me to see my emotional blocks in a very compassionate and non-judgmental environment.

I left the session feeling a sense of relief and an understanding of why I had certain experiences in this life.  I felt that this understanding would help me in future relationships.  I had no idea how far reaching the work would be – as they say “time and space is an illusion” and the manifestation of healing was almost instantaneous which I discovered the very next day.

Later, to my amazement I received a phone call (within 24 hours) from a man who I had been in relationship with for about a year, but we had separated a few months prior.  One of the main reasons for separating is that he was not able to let go of the insecurity that he felt about our relationship, the fear that I would leave him for another.  This to me was a “non-issue” and I refused to tolerate or have compassion for his feelings because from my perspective he should have nothing to fear based on the facts: I have never, ever dallied in extra-relational affairs, EVER!  Naturally this created a stale-mate and so we parted.  But now, just one day after my clearing session, he said “I understand now, I know that you would not ever do anything secretive as that would be out of integrity and integrity is important to you, so I would like to have the opportunity for having a relationship with you based on this new understanding”.  You could have knocked me over with a feather!

After that I began to research this practice to learn more about how it works, here is an outline with excerpts from Robert Detzler:

In preparing to incarnate we go to the soul library or Akashic Records with our High Self.  There, we review our past experiences and lessons learned or failed. We determine what we want to experience and accomplish in the next physical life.  Deciding where we can best face and encounter our plans(s), we pick our galaxy, planet, nationality, country, parents, body and process of life. We also choose illnesses, accidents, Alzheimer’s, or dementia (which can be cleared using S.R.T.), and situations and people we need to deal with.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), we do not remember what those choices were and we struggle through life wondering what happened.  With S.R.T. we can answer many of those questions.

Thanks to Robert Detzler for developing his supremely sophisticated method of researching, identifying and clearing these issues and for his earnest and sincere intention to teach others in order to facilitate healing, I can now offer past life clearing sessions.

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