Emotional Clearing

Emotional Freedom Technique is the process of using accupressure to short-circuit the stimulus of “fight or flight” response.

If you ever felt “out of control” as a result of emotional response, this is an amazing method of taking control back.

Working with the principles of hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming and eft (tapping) we are able to get results that are surprisingly quick and lasting.

I’ve worked with clients all over the world via skype (use the little button over there on the right to connect with me) and many are amazed at how simple the process is. On their end they just listen as I guide them through a simple visualization process while they gently “tap” on specific areas of their face and upper chest.

Being an efficiency freak, I love taking short cuts – as long as they are effective and do not cause a loss of quality – and I have to say this is one of the best short cuts I’ve ever found.

If you are struggling with a habit or behavior that you would like to do differently, book a session and put the struggle behind you!

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First time sessions must be 90 minutes, follow up sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes.