Astrological Relationship Compatibility Analysis

J&T huggingRelationship Compatibility : How do you interact as a couple? What natural attractions do you have for one another? What are the potential challenges in this relationship? How can we build a better foundation to sustain the relationship over time?

Using a variety of astrological systems and approximately 7-10 different charts I research what makes your relationship tick and how you interact not only as a couple but also as a couple interfacing with the world as a “we”.

Knowing where and how you are likely to have challenges can help avoid letting little things become BIG things.

This session is $350 and is 2 hours in length – we cover both individuals life path briefly and then go into the compatibility factors. Time permitting we look ahead to see what areas of life are activated for each individual and learn how and why the planetary cycles are different for each other. Looking ahead can help avert dangerous collisions, even when life takes us in opposite directions.

Relationship Compatibility Analysis