Astrological Interpretation Reports

Sometimes we all need a little update on what’s happening astrologically, more than just a generic horoscope report in a newspaper or online blog, something that takes our own personal chart and compares it with what is happening with the planets now.

While there is nothing like a personal reading, which gives the added bonus of your astrologers’ intuitive input it’s not always in the budget to have a full 1.5 hour sit down with her or shall I say “moi” ;0

For those times you will love these astrological reports, they are deep insights into your specific chart with interpretations by one of my mentors (the place I go to learn another astrologers perspective on my own chart analysis).  He has a deep psychological understanding as well as astrological skill and acumen and presents all possible angles to look at any given aspect in the chart.

What I like is that I can print them out and keep them bedside, I peruse them frequently to keep my finger on my own emotional pulse and  for those nights when I can’t sleep well, that’s a great time to read them.  That is the time when your mind is quieting down and what you read goes deep into the subconscious.  Later you’ll recall things that you don’t even remember that you read!  The best part is that your subconscious will start to use the new information to help you make better choices and decisions in life automatically.

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The astrology of your birth chart: What talents, gifts, resources and challenges you were born with.

This explanation of your personality and character based on your astrological “chart” (where the planets were when you were born and the relationship they had to one another at that time based on their position in the sky) is a spot-on depiction of a soul’s entry into self actualization and individuation.

You will understand and recognized deeply held beliefs, values and motivations as well as areas of challenge in this life.  All aspects of life are discussed at length and in detail, this is a great introduction to get to know and understand loved ones, co-workers and others in your life.

The astrology of your birthday reading for the current year: an annual update to get a look at the year ahead based on the planetary positions on your birthday this year.

The astrology of a relationship or Composite of two birth charts (can be friend, child, co-worker, lover) :  An analysis of what the two of you as a couple behave like.  This takes the relationship into view as a separate entity or “third” party to the two of you…very interesting!

Relationship Compatibility  : How do you interact as a couple?  What natural attractions do you have for one another?  What are the potential challenges in this relationship? How can we build a better foundation to sustain the relationship over time?

Astro-locality reading: How will I feel in another geographical location? What kind of energy will I likely encounter? For me it was a shock to discover that the island paradise of Hawaii actually felt a little dark and spooky…until I came to terms with my psychic awareness, then the spookiness of it went away and I learned that I was feeling or rather “sensing” the spirits of the island.  That gave it a whole new twist, but I never would have guessed that it wouldn’t just feel “wonderful” to be there.  Everyone has places that they feel special, uncomfortable, happier, more intense, or more stimulated in some way.  In this report we look at maps of the earth and find your “special” places.

6 month Transit Report: for those times when you ask “What is going on!  My life is out of control!?” or just want a little peek into the future to see what’s on the horizon.  You can start to recognize trends before they appear and be prepared for the new relationship energy that may be coming up.  Or the move to a new home, new job, etc.