1.5 Hour Astrology Reading of Soul Purpose

What is your purpose?

Private Astrology Readings available in person or by phone $225

This reading is a once in a lifetime type reading which identifies your souls purpose, the greatest path of evolution and the path to your greatest sense of inner fulfillment.  In this reading we will identify what gifts, talents and resources you have inherited from previous lives and/or determine to what degree you are holding on to the past rigidly or using those gifts to move forward into your path of greatest evolution.  It’s a great barometer for how you are doing on your evolutionary journey as you will recognize the progress you have made in your life.

The session includes a look at how your life has progressed since birth as well as upcoming cycles, transits and opportunities. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any area of life that you like and get a sense of what kinds of learning opportunities are on the horizon, what direction your interests will take you next, etc.

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Note: For those times when you just need a little information about what is “up” in your life right now, I offer interpreted reports which are “accurate to the degree of a gnat’s eyelash” according to one of my clients. Check out the Interpreted Reports to see the types of information that you can attain in an interpreted report.