Why Astrology?

Traditional Astrology Chart

The most important thing that Astrology can reveal is what exactly your soul’s intention is for this lifetime.

Shamanic Astrologers look for the area that you mastered in past lives (or earlier in your evolution..).

Knowing where your mastery lies allows you to recognize how much you rely upon wisdom from the past (and to what degree you use it as an escape clause).

Ideally you will have access to this past wisdom and will rely on it approximately 1/3 of the time.The rest of the time is intended to be used for learning new ways of navigating through life.

When everything is flowing the wisdom of your soul will serve to guide you through danger and unsettling times.You will know how you are doing with this by observation during your periods of initiation (outer planet transits to your natal chart).

If the transit occurs with little fanfare or disturbance, you are in harmony with your souls intention.If not you will need to stretch in order to achieve the intended growth of the initiation period.

Your life has a plan

You chose your birth time as a means to enter into this life with an energy that supports your growth in a given area.This is not typically an area that you feel you have mastered, hence the need to “grow into” the personality of that energy.

Right Livelihood

Joseph Campbell really opened Pandoras’ box when he said “Follow your bliss”. Many people feel that “I could do anything….if only I knew what I wanted”.The truth is that your soul has a precise idea of what you want and has been whispering it in your ear from the moment you were born.

Oftentimes it is right under our own nose.Sometimes the conditioning of society or our early childhood cause us to make the (incorrect) assumption that what we dream of is impractical or unworthy.Nothing could be farther from the truth.When we honor our unique path of Right Livelihood we find that the world indeed offers us recognition and financial support.

“Where is my right livelihood?” you ask.I’m glad you asked!In your reading we will discover this together and here is a clue; “it is the thing that when you think of it, your tummy gets a tickly butterfly feeling and you think, “oh, no I dare not…!”.

Knowing your right livelihood path releases the resistance that has been created by following the good advice of society and working at a job that just didn’t make your heart sing.The sadness, boredom and depression comes from your soul signaling you that you have stepped off of YOUR intended path.

Your heart will sing when you find your way back to it and the world will rejoice and sing with you.I look forward to uncovering the dream in your heart and pointing the way back to your intended path.

Life is supposed to be fun, if you are experiencing tension it is ONLY an indication that you have turned your ear away from Spirit.

Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology assumes the viewpoint that life as an incarnation path to wholeness.There are 12 paths of the soul, none better than another.

The horoscope is used as a tool to identify the life path and destiny of each life.The planets symbolize the tools we are to use in this life to achieve our highest destiny.  The movement of the 4 outer planets in time and space create geometric patterns and align with the placements at your birth, thus stimulating periods of initiation.Full participation in the initiation periods allows us to reach our destiny in this life, practice our right livelihood and thereby realizepersonal satisfaction as well as public recognition, and financial support for the livelihood we choose.


Have you ever noticed that when you travel another “personality” emerges?

This will be more apparent the more places you travel.You may feel “right at home” in some locales, while others leave you feeling nonplussed.Astro-cartography is an excellent tool for identifying the best places to live, work and play. Your horoscope is projected over a world map to reveal in what geographic location your planets are aligned.Map out the best possible future with an Astro-cartography reading today!