Spiritual Travel & Retreat

How Do Humans Relate To Vortexes?

by SedonaJeannie on January 26, 2013

Have you traveled to a vortex or Sacred Site and wondered what you are supposed to feel?  Or perhaps you felt something and wondered why? I’ve been asked about the vortexes since my first spiritual retreat to Sedona in 1988 and what I’ve come to learn is that they enhance whatever energy is predominant in […]


Full Moon Retreat October 2012

by SedonaJeannie on October 11, 2012

I will be attending and teaching at a Full Moon in Scorpio Retreat October 26-28, 2012.  This October hosts a bevy of planets in the sign of Scorpio and heralds a new 2.5 year cycle of Saturn in Scorpio which will intensify all relationships, also our Nodal cycles which are approximately 2 year cycles, have […]


Spiritual Travel and Life Changes

by SedonaJeannie on February 2, 2012

When I am preparing a spiritual travel experience for clients it’s often on the heels of a recent life change. Some are changes that they themselves are initiating while others  are facing change that is imposed upon them by others…or so it would seem. Whether it’s change in job, relationship status, a health crisis or […]


The Beautiful Art of Connecting with Your Soul

by SedonaJeannie on January 25, 2012

I spend the better part of my day counseling people who are considering whether or not a spiritual retreat will help them.  Though everyone has different manifestations of soul-disconnection the core issue is the same: It’s hard to trust an inner urging, especially when it goes against the grain of family, society and cultural mores. […]


11-11-11 What Does it Mean?

by SedonaJeannie on October 2, 2011

11-11 is a number that has significance for many people.  We’ve had numerous meditation events held on that date and people tell me that they see that number on their clocks all the time (well, duh, anyone can see it at least twice each day). Usually when someone mentions that number pairing though, they have […]