Spiritual Healing

Start the Day With Intention

by SedonaJeannie on June 23, 2017

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Sometimes I don’t want to wake up at all, especially if I was in the middle of a juicy dream:~) I created a recording to play on my ipod or iphoneas an alarm clock setting, it has some gentle reminders that I am a co-creator […]

Prayer – Angels & Miracles

by SedonaJeannie on February 17, 2015

I had moved to the country outside of Sedona in 2012 and was living in the most fairytale dream and then after a year and a half in utter bliss isolated in the country I was shot like a catapult into a year of extensive travel and family drama where my role was just to […]


The Importance of Loving Oneself

by SedonaJeannie on March 6, 2013

  How do you know if you are loving yourself? Take note of the people in your environment. Are they kind, happy, present to their emotions and radiating a state of grace? If so you are probably seeing a reflection of your inner state of being. Good for you! If you are witnessing sarcasm, dissatisfaction, […]

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Past Life Karma

by SedonaJeannie on November 10, 2012

Sometimes there is a nagging problem which has past life roots – to be more accurate: most of our problems have past life roots. The subconscious is a vast repository for memories of events which we either experienced or imagined. This means that we can have past life memories whether or not we lived them […]