Sacred Sites & Vortex Energy

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Happy Anniversary to Me

by SedonaJeannie on August 23, 2013

We all need to connect to nature – please find somewhere that you can connect and get centered, as we head into fall you will need to feel as grounded as possible to negotiate the changing energies. One year ago I moved into a new home in a secluded natural oasis shaded by a canopy […]

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How Do Humans Relate To Vortexes?

by SedonaJeannie on January 26, 2013

Have you traveled to a vortex or Sacred Site and wondered what you are supposed to feel?  Or perhaps you felt something and wondered why? I’ve been asked about the vortexes since my first spiritual retreat to Sedona in 1988 and what I’ve come to learn is that they enhance whatever energy is predominant in […]