This full moon could be called “Beauty and the Beast” The Beast aspect is the potent energies of Pluto (un-relenting drive for power/renewal) driving us to deeper and deeper layers of transformation in regard to the Capricorn archetype of the wise elder or inner authority. How are you responding to the authorities in your life […]


The Portal of Now ~ April 4, 2015

by SedonaJeannie on March 31, 2015

The Portal of Now ~ April 4, 2015 Wow, can you feel it? The winds of change are upon us! Your destiny is pulling you toward it at full throttle. Last week we had a very powerful super moon, total Solar eclipse and equinox (change of season). The winds of change are definitely upon us. […]


We Are Influenced – From The Stars!

by SedonaJeannie on April 9, 2014

So many times I hear the question “do you really think that the planets affect us all the way down here on Earth?”.  I always chuckle because I have been witnessing the planets and the attitudes and emotions of people since I was a young adult.  I have taken a lot of ribbing and ridicule […]


Have You Seen Venus Lately?

by SedonaJeannie on April 2, 2014

Astrology Q&A Q: I have a question for you: every morning in the exact same spot in the sky Venus looks down on me. I have never noticed Venus staying in one spot for so long.  Can you shed any light on this happening? A: That’s a great question about astronomy and while that is […]


Warning: brain twister Astrology of 2013 Unveiled

by SedonaJeannie on November 20, 2013

In answer to the lovely Janine Miller who posted in Facebook the question “why are people acting so angry, is it having to do with the squares that astrologers are talking about?” The square you refer to is the relationship between the planets Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (radical reformer) both are involved in the expression […]

Solstice & Super Moon Coming Soon

by SedonaJeannie on June 20, 2013

Tonight’s solstice at 10:04 MST is the point in time where we stand still and take stock of all that has taken place since winter solstice 2012. We have had a nice long period to review the final exams of the Nov 2012 eclipse and remove, reduce and recycle the clutter of the past as […]


Full Moon Retreat October 2012

by SedonaJeannie on October 11, 2012

I will be attending and teaching at a Full Moon in Scorpio Retreat October 26-28, 2012.  This October hosts a bevy of planets in the sign of Scorpio and heralds a new 2.5 year cycle of Saturn in Scorpio which will intensify all relationships, also our Nodal cycles which are approximately 2 year cycles, have […]


Can Astrology Predict the Strength of Relationships?

by SedonaJeannie on July 8, 2012

This is a fun example of the importance of the astrologer’s intuitive gifts and ability to support the evolution of a soul in reading a chart or combination of charts .  Using traditional astrological interpretation and sign compatibility this little tool will identify a “ranking” factor for 2 individual’s birth chart.  This is exactly what […]


Spiritual Travel and Life Changes

by SedonaJeannie on February 2, 2012

When I am preparing a spiritual travel experience for clients it’s often on the heels of a recent life change. Some are changes that they themselves are initiating while others  are facing change that is imposed upon them by others…or so it would seem. Whether it’s change in job, relationship status, a health crisis or […]