AromaTouch Changed My Life


doTerra essential oils

As an astrologer and Spiritual counselor I have encountered many miraculous things in my life but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced with doTerra essential oils.

While living in a tiny cottage in the country, I ventured into Spiritual healing, Angel readings and eventually to aroma therapy.  I realize now that the nature and plant spirits were calling me to them all along. There was a period of time that I kept seeing a flyer on an aromatherapy class.  I knew it would be a multi-level marketing thing, but there was this insistent voice in my head that said “you should go”.

After the flyer (and the voice) showed up for the third time I relented and registered. In no uncertain terms – It changed my life! During my AromaTouch training my body became so relaxed that I found it difficult to make words or sentences for a few moments. I learned that it is in that deep state of relaxation that our bodies begin to self heal.

I also learned is that plants carry frequency just like people do, but they do not have Ego to block the divine pattern from manifesting as beauty and harmony.

Today I travel with a whole box of essential oils and use them many times a day to keep my own frequency aligned to the Divine pattern of Spirit.

If you feel inspired to connect with me to learn how you can benefit from these incredible oils or any of my other gifts please contact me today :~)

Jeannie Warren

Independent Wellness Advocate at doTerra International