You have done so much for my family…. my husband, me, my dear friend, and now the mama to be, my daughter. I saw her a few days after the reading and she was so full with the information and insights you gave her. Just bursting with excitement. She said to me, “I am intoxicated with Jeannie. She is like no one I have ever met. What a Goddess!”
Of course I agree.   You have given us all so much Jeannie. We – all of us – adore you.  Thank you.

I had a phenomenal Karmic Clearing with Jeannie.  I was blown away by all the interesting pieces that were cleared.  She has some truly unique elements that I had not heard before and I felt such a great connection to Jeannie.

“I highly recommend Jeannie for an astrological reading. Since I don’t know exactly what time I was born, I was really impressed with her desire to get the time right so the reading would be beneficial. Jeannie’s reading is very in-depth and her intuition is amazing. We talked a lot, shared a lot and it was so nice to feel like I was with a friend who cared about me. After the reading, Jeannie emailed me the recording of the reading, my birth chart and two node descriptions – a very nice gesture. It’s so nice to have these to refer back to. To sum it up, Jeannie doesn’t do an ordinary astrological reading, she does an extra-ordinary astrological reading!”

I was so surprised by the Astrology Session with Jeannie and just loved spending time with her.   “It blew my mind!  I kept saying – You see that in there?!  That’s in my chart?!”

I enjoyed the reading immensely–especially seeing you in-process, putting 2 and 2 together. Fascinating. Your choice of words was fantastic and spot-on. You pegged me. The stuff you did with comparing the dates of my beloved pet(s) death(s) concurrently with my chart was awesome. It helped me A LOT. The pieces of the puzzles that you highlighted were extremely helpful in my understanding of WHY WHY WHY. Past Life stuff intrigues me, and what you said about my partner and I gave me chills, like when I read what Shirley Mc Laine wrote about Twin Souls.  Jeannie knows her stuff! Thank you for sharing your gift with me.MW. AZ

Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly enjoyed meeting with you and found your session to be more than helpful. You are truly a gem!
AM – Baltimore, MD

“It was just the most amazing reading affirming so many things including my bisexuality which I had always felt but never expressed and I was so grateful that Jeannie had the courage to share that part of my chart with me. It just really hit home. The entire reading hit home… it was a home run and the exclamation point to the perfect Sedona retreat!” (name with-held for privacy)

Thank you – I awoke this morning thinking of you and thanking God for you. Thank you for calling me, hearing me, and listening to who I really am, where I was, and what I needed.
NW – Houston, TX

I would like to keep you as the one person I use for astrology and maybe even readings because you seem to possess the highest ethics as well as good intuition I have found.
AS – Texas

When I made the phone call and started talking to Jeannie I started to feel light, like I was going to start flying at any  moment. When she started to tell me how I was feeling and what I was looking for I started to get goosebumps/chills. It was like she knew exactly what I was going through and knew what I needed in my life. I normally never get goosbumps/chills unless someone is scratching my scalp. I thought to myself how this lady could make me feel like that from miles away. The goosbumps ended up being my validation.

Jeannie My Soul Guide was perfect. She reached inside my head, heart and soul to set up the exact experience that I needed. I called Spoke to Jeannie, My Angel Guide and that sealed the deal. I knew in my Soul, that was where I was supposed to be. The exact place for me to mourn, grieve, heal and grow. I trusted that feeling.

thank you for sharing your gift in the world.  Your session was amazing, I’ve never experienced such bliss and so much accurate information!!!! You are truly amazing, anyone who is thinking of having an astrology reading, Jeannie is your girl. She is a beautiful soul.
JD – Australia

I have been re-reading my notes, letting it all sink in and was able to share some very key points with my therapist today which helped it to sink in even more!  Yesterday I read from a daily spiritual reminder and the quote was: ‘Trust God. Trust Life. And Breathe.’ which was essentially the message I received from you, compressed into 6 words! I believe that is my new mantra.  I already feel a positive shift happening and am very grateful to you for helping me along my journey!
RM – San Francisco, CA

So much has happened since we did my chart. I deeply appreciate the reading you gave me and it has truly helped in so many ways.
LD – Sedona, AZ

It was an incredible experience having a reading with you, and I look forward to working with you more!
BF, Las Vegas, NV

WOW! I have had a number of Shamanic Astrological reading over the years but ours, 3 days ago, was by far the most resonant that I have ever experienced! Your talent and insight provided me a forum for accepting myself lovingly and enthusiastically! I know now that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Every experience that has come into my life has had an impact and you helped me to see the “big picture”. I am happy, content and excited about my future! Thank you Jeannie!

I was skeptical that you had a clear reading of me, and that was my first mistake.  Later my skepticism continued with a belief that I could be fixed;  another mistake.  My visit was truly an awakening in my life, and I am hopeful to continue the process.  Thanks”

Thank you for the beautiful guidance today. I can feel my energy shifting already! HG

Thank you for my clearing, today I went to the gym, normally I feel a sense of guilt for taking time for myself but today I felt great about it.  I think it has to do with my session with you!  PO – Flagstaff, AZ

Thank you for your continued support, Jeannie. I am really enjoying your mentorship to me as I open up to the world in new ways. You’re an important part of my recent transit, and I’m very thankful for that. I look forward to whatever continued support you are able to provide.
LKP Las Vegas, NV

I feel very different since my session with you, something seems to have lifted.  I feel more optimistic and hopeful.  MC

It was really really great to have met you! I feel at peace ever since I met you and after doing the session
JM – Los Angeles, CA

“I would like to give a huge shout out to Jeannie Warren who gave me an AWESOME astrology reading a few days ago. She was incredibly insightful and right on. I am feeling so validated, courageous and ready to face my destiny every day now more than ever. I HIGHLY recommend a session with her if you are searching for answers, direction or just curious about what is written in the stars for you. I love you Jeannie. I am so grateful and happy to have known you nearly 20 years now. You are an angel and a gift!”
Linda D – Sedona, AZ

“Jeannie – thank you for yesterday’s reading. WOW ….. You covered a lot of territory! I listened to some of the recording last night and it is amazing how the reading provided insights that were inline and synergistic. I also appreciated the multiple dimensions that you were tapping into during the review. I received much more out of the reading than I ever imagined… thank you..” GG – CT

“Thank you very much for the reading. I appreciated they way you dove right into specifics without asking a lot of questions first. You were more accurate on many things than I let you know… W.A. – Maui, HI

“You are flipping awesome – Thank You! BB – Los Angeles, CA

“I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really believe in the accuracy of astrology.  I always thought of it as more of a generic, “that could be me if I make it be me” kind of thing.  But then I had a reading with Jeannie using my birth chart, and I am forever changed!  My whole outlook on life is more positive and uplifting, and I have a new skip in my step!  However, I am not implying that Jeannie told me my life held  many rainbows and butterflies (that most certainly was not how the reading was conducted), but I now have a better understanding of the challenges that are presented to me in my world and better ways in which I can manage them based on my life path.  What really blew me away was how Jeannie continued to patiently answer all of my questions (and there were many) while also providing far more information per house than I expected.  It was definitely not a generic reading!  If you are considering whether or not to invest in a reading with Jeannie, my advice would be to go for it.  For me, it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time, especially considering the peace of mind that I received from it.  Thank you, thank you, Jeannie!”  LP – Chicago, IL

“You are a wonderful teacher, the best teachers leave imprints in our hearts, which you certainly did. I loved my session with you because of the clarity it brought about the relationship I have with my son. Things are so much better with him, I have a deeper understanding of him, and what was wrong between us. Since I have gotten home it feels like this wonderful relationship with him is how it always was. =) I know he appreciates it too.” SK – San Francisco, CA

“In the spiritual astrology session with Jeannie, I felt like she had known me for years. She knew things about me that others have never even guessed at.” – Anon

“Blown Away!” C&A R – Conneticut

“I am still excited about how powerful your reading was. I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful reading and the great energy you shared with me.”  KD – Ontario, Canada

“I had the most wonderful astrology Reading with Jeannie, it was very concise, with some wonderful interpretations and was easy to follow. Great reading – Thank you ! Rating:***** 5 Stars” JG – Sarasota, FL

“Thank you for your intuition, insights, and inspiration. I feel that I have more clarity and confidence in what may unfold for me in the future. Your interpretations have helped me to lessen my sense of urgency about life and my participation in it. I’m listening to my inner self and acting on it when it reveals itself to me. Thank you again, dear sister, for your kindness. Namaste” E.B. ~ Sedona, AZ

“You can definitely quote me…Truly, your insight with astrology is so much appreciated, and timely for all of us. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You are an amazing person, and magic sizzles around you”! S.S. ~ Sedona, AZ

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed your Astrology reading and how amazingly accurate it was! Thank you! I really enjoy and resonate with your energy and am very happy to have crossed paths with you.” P. B. ~ Sedona, AZ

Thank you for guiding me through one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Everything I learned has made a tremendous impact on my days since then and for that I am eternally grateful. Mary S

Thanks for your kind words, prayers and heartfelt advices. You are a true angel! Thanks for providing a wonderful perspective.
AG – Birmingham, AL

My decision to commit to this journey was sealed after talking to my Jeannie, whose energy I actually felt in the half an hour she took to meditate after our initial phone introduction; in conversation, the familiar phrases she used convinced me I was on track. I was SOOO impressed with the practitioners that were intuitively chosen to make my time in Sedona a powerful and magical journey. It was so refreshing to be connected again with the magic of the universe and the healing energy that comes from the restorative and spirit-driven techniques employed by these talented and selfless individuals. – DM

“Having a reading with Jeannie Warren is as lucky s finding a real genie in a magic lantern, because her words manifest very soon and in very tangible ways, her intuitive light is flawlessly generous, with x-ray vision into your most cherished dreams and talents, and she charts a quick route for you to reach a harmonizing of the inner dream with the outer events, she has visionary insight to the nature of persons, she is a midwife of your most meritorious and talented aspects to manifest in your work, life and heart.  Jeannie photographed me in September 2009 when there were no outwardly obvious reasons to need them, but she saw the future in my chart and got going in her supportive encouragement. Two months later the photos were needed for a workshop and a future workshop was suddenly booked and sold out when it started. The workshop was at the end of January 2010, and there are now my books and recordings in progress, all true to Jeannie´s vision of what was to come in my life, per my astrology chart and her reading about me. Thank you so much, dear Jeannie; may many more people enjoy the blessings of your Light and Wisdom, Love and sweet generosity to fully enjoy their own glorious potentials in life. Gratefully and in friendship, peace and love.” Marcela Andre ~ San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  • Lynn Buettner

    How can I thank you, Jeannie, enough for the amazing help you gave me-a complete stranger in need! The caring and advice you gave me was priceless and way beyond what most would ever do to help someone.

    Your web design expertise and help to get my site back up and running while you were slammed with so many other projects was so helpful I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    I shall recommend you highly for web consultations and designs.

    I shall “Pay this forward”. What you do made my world such a better place!

    With gratitude and much respect-

    Lynn Buettner
    Carlsbad, CA

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lynn, honestly I trust that there is a divine intelligence which guides us to the people we are to serve – my job is to show up in the most authentic way that I can – in love and gratitude.


    **I give thanks for the divine intelligence which provides for me everything I need in divine time…*** *