Who is Sedona Jeannie?


A professional in the healing arts, an intuitive and empath, I work with people at a soul level which means that their soul will guide me.

Soul Centered Astrology is one of the tools I utilize to interpret the level of evolution.   In this session I interpret an individual’s birth chart with an eye to the souls intention for this lifetime as well as what past life influences are supporting (and/or hindering, if they become rigid habit patterns) their greatest line of evolution.

I will identify how the person is representing in the 3rd dimensional world in their identity, their family, relationships and in their public reputation and then we go into the “soul story” of their past lives and what memories, gifts, talents and skills they are bringing forward.

As to whether or not people have a belief in past lives, I preface the conversation with an agreement that all children come into this world with certain pre-established preferences, fears, attitudes etc. and that using the term “past lives” as  a metaphor for a timeline or frame of reference as to “when” they developed a particular strategy, fear, skill, etc. provides a timeline.

Once we understand the how and why the soul has incarnated,  I look into the transiting planets and the energies that are in force currently and for how long.  I refer to the planet transits as initiation cycles because when a planet comes into an geometrical alignment with your own natal chart planets, there is an electro-magnetic influence which draws archetypal energies into consciousness.

Sometimes people show up as physical representations of those archetypal energies.  This helps to understand that “awful relationship” that you just could not avoid, or why you were suddenly befriended by a “fairy Godmother” or other such experiences.

And it can help people to know that they are not crazy, less than, relationship challenged, etc. if they have been through some challenges as a result of a planet’s influence.
These sessions  help people to recognize precisely how they are attracting situations in their life to work on specific archetypal issues.  I teach metaphysical principles and help people to understand their vibrational nature and frequency and how that attracts and/or repels according to Universal Law.

I also do vibrational healing and past life integration using a system called Spiritual Response Therapy for those who know that they have patterns, blocks, imprints, psychic wounds and such from past lives and want to clear them.  This work is bigger than I can explain and always amazes me, it’s very subtle and subjective for the client and yet I get feedback that assures me something BIG has happened.

When I work with people in person I also include work with essential oils.  This is something relatively new for me.  Although I thought I understood the concept of “aromatherapy” and have used “good smelling oils” for that purpose, I was prompted by an inner voice which literally insisted that I take a class, for which I am eternally grateful because the plants truly do have spirits and are so eager to support our health and well being.

Maybe it is natures way of self preservation,  I am not sure but I can assure you this – I am very grounded and somewhat skeptical, so when plant spirits urged me to take a class – I argued in behalf of my rational beliefs.  After using the oils for 6 months or so I began having some very unusual experiences and on at least 3 occasions I found myself at large conventions of several hundred people and inevitably I would have someone gravitate to me for seemingly insignificant purpose, yet in closer perspective I discovered that they were using the exact same essential oils as I!

I don’t know why I was resistant to this because of course it fits perfectly into my worldview.

Because I have had a lifelong awareness of my vibrational nature and I AM presence, there is a much larger shift that happens for people on a vibrational level as their I AM presence becomes more palpable during the session.  I don’t take credit for that, it just happens to be a byproduct of how my guides work with their guides.

I feel strongly that my role is to empower people to understand their gifts and recognize how their intuition shows up for them.  Everyone perceives differently and I find so often that people second guess or dismiss their inner guidance.  As we work together I can sense the shifts in their body and energy field and help guide the to recognize those shifts as signals from Spirit.

When Did I Decide to be an Astrologer?

Truth be told, I didn’t set out to be an Astrologer, but I’ve been recognized as a mystic by family, friends and spiritual teachers since childhood so why not just be who I am?

Even before I knew what spirituality meant, people always said that I was gifted and consulted with me about their personal affairs. It was a little strange when at 8 years old some of my mothers friends would ask my opinion about their current beau!

I never dreamed that I would eventually have a website or be known as “Sedona Jeannie”.  That nickname came about when a friend who was visiting with her teenage boys invited me to dinner.  I guess that they knew another woman named Jeannie so they would refer to me as Sedona Jeannie, and over time that just stuck.  It makes it easy when corresponding by email with people all over the world, they know right away which Jeannie is writing to them.  Works for me!

At the age of 5  my mother introduced me to the principles of  “Science of Mind” in the church of Religious Science where we lived in California. I don’t remember ever trying to learn anything there, mostly I liked the singing and the snacks that were served after services were over. In my teens I learned a great deal due to my mother continually sharing tidbits from her astrology books, and I quickly learned the value in knowing a persons archetypal character, especially those you might be dating!

My mother was a curious person and attended lots of classes and lectures.  I clung to her and I ended up spending a lot of time sleeping at her feet or on her lap, all the while my subconscious mind taking in whatever the topic of the day was.  I practiced yoga and meditation with her from the time I was 9 years old and suffered a lot of teasing from my friends and sister for being such a mama’s girl.

As a teen I spent a lot of nights in my room with one solitary candle burning and contemplating “life” or reading books about spirituality, people who were psychic and people who overcame obstacles to create their dreams.  This led to Catherine Ponders’ series on Abundance.  My mom also taught me to make “posters” with pictures of things that I wanted. I wanted a lot of stuff and my mom was dirt poor, so I guess she wanted me to feel somewhat empowered to manifest the things I wanted rather than to always have to say to me “we can’t afford that.”

Travel Poster

I’m pretty sure she wished that she hadn’t taught me that when at 12 I set the goal of owning a motorcycle, she said “we can’t afford that”.  2 weeks later when she found the newspaper ads circled and an envelope of money that I earned with my new paper route, she almost fainted.  I bought a Yamaha ’90 that summer and had the most fun except for that I couldn’t quite figure out how the hand clutch worked so I ended up pulling wheelies and throwing my passengers off the back every time.

As a teenager I started to notice that I was different than most of my peers and spent an inordinate amount of time reading non-fiction, self-help and books about life after death, and about meditation.  I read about Sai Baba in India, Paramahansa Yogananda, the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Siddhartha, the life story of Guatama Buddha.

One of the ministers at the Spiritualist Church that we attended advised me to be very careful about who I allowed into my energy field and where I spent my time, she said that it was dangerous for me because I radiated light and that the dark forces would seek me out for my power.  That sounded ridiculous to me, I didn’t believe in dark forces so paid little attention to that warning.

Later when spending the night at the home of a friend when I was in 7th grade a very unusual thing happened.  I got to her house just after dinner, about 7 P.M. we hung out in her room and fell asleep around 11 or so.  During the night I had horrible nightmares I woke up sweating and feverish, my body convulsing and writhing in pain.  In the morning, I was so weak I had to crawl across the room to my overnight bag to dress myself.  I had planned to attend church with her family but now was so ill that I needed to have my mother come to pick me up.

I sat on the front porch of my friends house as she and her family drove off to church and I waited for my mother.  About 15 minutes later when my mother arrived, inexplicably, all of my symptoms had vanished.  She thought that I was just trying to get out of going to church with them and that I had “faked” my illness.  I never could explain what exactly had happened…until 14 years later when another friend from high school and I were chatting and she asked if I had ever been friends with the girls in that family.  I told her that I had only known the younger of the two sisters and then she told me what she knew of the older sister.  What she told me sent chills down my spine, legs and through the top of my head.  The older sister in that family practiced “black magic”, she had been abused by the stepfather and was very angry and vengeful and was exploring the use of witchcraft.  Suddenly my teachers words came ringing back to me “be very careful, dark forces will try to use your power” and the memory of my horrible (disappearing) illness came to mind.  Everything fell into place…sort of (no one can say conclusively just what happened that night but I am fairly well convinced that there was some kind of clash of energies in that house).

Astrologer in training ~

After college I began working at ACS Publications, the worlds foremost computer astrology business and publisher of astrological textbooks at that time. There I learned from the leaders in astrology from all corners of the globe.  In fact it was there that I met another Sedona Astrologer and we became lifelong friends.  I knew I would have to visit Sedona and soon planned a weekend visit.  I realized on the first day there that I was destined to become an  Astrologer!

With so much information at my fingertips and via the phone conversations I was having that I couldn’t take it all in, fortunately our subconscious minds remember everything that ever happens to us and now often I will be having a conversation about astrology and I will hear myself say something profound and then I just shake my head in wonder.. “how did I ever come up with that?”

Later in 1990, I moved to Sedona to deepen my understanding of spiritual practice and to live in a community of kindred spirits.  It seemed only natural to live in a city that had been dubbed a “new-age Mecca”.  It took years for me to totally come out of the closet about my spiritual beliefs background as a Sedona Astrologer and other areas of interest. I had seen so many people move here and manufacture a new identity, new way of dressing, change of name, etc. and I didn’t want people to think that I had “gone off the deep end”.  Finally I realized that it was impossible to go off the deep end when you have been swimming there all your life.

I’ve learned to incorporate all my teachings in Jungian psychology, metaphysics, spirituality in every reading that I perform.

Sedona has taught me: the path of the mystic is to master the ego and allow spirit to work through me instead. I now offer my service to empower others using various tools of conscious living.

I divide my time between Sedona and travel (mostly to Mexico).  I have written a blog about my first trip to Mexico where I deliberately tested my own faith and came home with a renewed sense of the grace and beauty that is my life, unshakable faith and a trust that whoever shows up in my life is there for a specific purpose.  You can read my travel blog at www.RufusNMe.blogspot.com.

As a mystic I have learned that my role in life is to offer compassion and love to others, to know that I do not always need to know what the next step is.  I have learned to have patience and faith that the information that I need will arrive when I need it (and not before – even with the ability to look ahead to the forecast of planet activity).  Life is magical if we let it be.

All transformational sessions available by telephone/skype/email  (email sessions include 1/2 hour telephone follow up).

Schedule your appointment today : 928 821 1339




  • Bunny

    Jeannie: I love this intro… You are a really good story teller!

  • SedonaJeannie

    Thanks Bunny ~ I appreciate the encouragement!

  • Claire

    Great intro, I love learning about you! You have so much integrity & faith!
    It is such a pleasure being around you!

  • Scottkathy

    you have an interesting and amazing story. My goal is to find out how to take part in the Subconcious Restructuring Program – how do I go about this from Australia?

  • Phyllisjd5

    It feels good to get “re-acquainted” through reading this account.
    I feel lucky to have met you and shared some experiences with you and I’m so glad that you and Claire and Paul are friends.
    Sending love and good energy from Knoxville, TN.

  • SedonaJeannie

    Hey Phyllis – you are too cute! It’s about time for you to come for a visit..is it not? Thank you for sharing your family with me – Claire is such a treasure!

  • SedonaJeannie

    Back at you! It’s awesome to look around at my circle of influence and see a reflection of pure, unadulterated LOVE!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Phyllis – you are too cute! It’s about time for you to come for a visit..is it not? Thank you for sharing your family with me – Claire is such a treasure!

  • Anonymous

    Back at you! It’s awesome to look around at my circle of influence and see a reflection of pure, unadulterated LOVE!

  • Anonymous

    Use the form on the “Contact” page to send a message with your request that way I get it right in my email inbox. I look forward to working with you – I’ve done skype sessions to Australia in the past, it’s almost like being in the same room.

  • Kenny

    ah Jeannie , meeting you was of course meant to be, we carry very similar energy dating back to the early days of religious science.. actually lived with a practitioner and then was one myself.. you are sedonajeannie and I am kennysedona.. too funny.. keep in touch..best to you

  • Bunny Helene

    What a wonderful website!

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